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Your gateway to timely quality Orthopaedic care in British Columbia and Alberta.

Welcome to Independent Orthopaedics

This is a new concept in musculoskeletal medicine and is designed to allow you to have confidence that your personal health insights have been respected and considered.

My name is Dr. S. Riley Campbell, your personal Orthopaedic Surgeon. Have you ever felt that your concerns were minimized, ignored or dismissed outright when you’ve sought out care for your injuries or muscle / joint pain? Are you concerned about the lengthy wait times to see a surgeon, and the negative effect that these delays may have on your job, your sporting activities and your quality of life in general? Do you want an advocate when engaging with the health care system? Then Inclusive Orthopaedics may be the resource you need to get back to the way of life you want and deserve.

This is a private service. MSP and other provincial payment plans prioritize the physician – promoting a surface level minimalistic style of care. Inclusive Orthopaedics prioritizes you – the way our health care should be.

This is a private service and so fees do apply. That said, nobody will be refused care based on inability to provide payment.

Independent Orthopaedics chooses to practice in a non-discriminatory fashion and so everyone is welcome to call regardless of race, gender, religion or vaccine status.

Fully Licensed Orthopaedic Surgeon

With 14 years of professional experience.

Please allow me to introduce my private Orthopaedic consult service. Everyone in the healthcare/wellness community can now directly refer people with musculoskeletal (MSK) concerns to a licensed Orthopaedic Surgeon. Additionally, all Canadians can self-refer and request an appointment independently.

Patients will be assessed promptly, within 2-4 weeks typically. Video, telephone and in-person appointments are now available.

I am a fully licensed Orthopaedic Surgeon with 14 years of experience. With our province-led health care system faltering, it is unfit to deal with today’s current reality. I am here to offer many services that might benefit your patients, clients, friends and family members moving forward.

Our Services

Some examples of the service I could provide for you:

Initial Assessment

Many people are frustrated with the lack of attention they receive from their family doctor regarding their musculoskeletal (MSK) complaints. It often takes several visits and specific requests to eventually gain a referral to a specialist. At that point, months to years may pass before you even have that initial consult. I can review your concern and give my advice within a week or two typically for most MSK issues.

Acute Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered an acute injury, call me. I can help you triage and navigate the medical system. I will make sure your treatment is appropriate and will speak to any and all physicians, nurses and any other professionals involved along the way to ensure you are managed appropriately.

Second Opinion

Are you scheduled for surgery? Have you already had a procedure performed? I offer an unbiased review of your care and will help to manage your future MSK care-plan including appropriate work-up as needed.


I am offering a subscription service for amateur athletes. My mission is to keep you on the field of play safely. Don’t wait months for assessment – you can have immediate access to an Orthopaedic surgeon for training and game day injuries or concerns.

Contact Us

Thank-you for your interest in Inclusive Orthopaedics. Sign-up below to fill out a no-obligation consultation request form. If Dr. Campbell believes that you are suited for his practice, then you will be contacted by email to proceed to the next steps of quality fast Orthopaedic care.

Please contact us at 1-250-777-1828 for more information or to arrange an appointment.